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Ride On

Third World

Pack up your things children
'Cause Zion is waiting
Get yourselves together children
'Cause Zion is waiting

Ride on Ride on Jah children (yea)
Ah keep on riding on
Trod on trod on Jah children (yea)
Ah keep on riding on
(Tell them)
What's sitting in the shadows must be revealed
to light
(No beg them)
We won't beg, steal or borrow 'cause
everything alright
(They say)
They say our situation is getting out of hand
(I know)
But I know they'll never understand dis ya
Rasta man

Every step Rasta take (if you're no careful)
Babylon try too
I don't know what to say the monkey won't do
Guilty or no guilty Babylon you going to pay
For what you did to my people Hear me Hear me
When I soy

I say you can't afford to stop now children
You've got to keep on moving
You can't afford to stop my children
You've got to keep on grooving

Today for you I say tomorrow for me
Can't you see that the truth (yea)
It is so plain to see
You're living inna world of confusion
Soon it's gonna fade away
For whatever your works is
Jah know you gonna get your pay


And me no John Wayne
But we riding on (riding on yea)
And me no Tarzan
But we singing on (Swing Swing Swing yea)
And me no Superman
But we flying Dread

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