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Pseudo Gods

Thy Antichrist

Destroying with rage the dead gods' effigies
With the reality hammer and the crude existence
Frozen idols in time, silent and indolent
Fantastic images that never cried because they
Were engreived over rock.

Forgotten is the man in the inivitable path of his destiny
Thrown in the abyss where he lies lost
In the faith of his own lie,
Like senless believer of vain myths.

Contaminated by absurd illusory beliefs
Postrated to the dead gods' feet
In the laughable genuflexion of his ignorance.

Pseudo gods (repeat)

Temples and altars to worship false deities
Gods that in a distant time the man begat
As result of the fallacy imagination,
Idols that have stolen the reason
And they're reclaming abnegation.

I abhor this dead sphinxes…
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