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Where Is Your God?

Thy Antichrist

My God, why have you forsaken me?

Where is your god?
When the world you dwell
Disappears in winds of smoke
Extinction and pollution

Where is your god?
When you suffer inside the four
Walls of this absurd and bitter
Existence and on this ground
That becomes a hell day by day

Where is the one that
Hides in one heaven who promises
Relief as you cry with thorns in your
Head, carrying the heavy cross of
Your life wherever you go?

Where is that one whom you believe
And that one whom you worship
When he abandons you in the cruel
Way of life
Over stones tears and thorns?

Where is the mythic god of your religion
Whom doesn't stop the
Injustice of man, his mistake and his doom?

There is no church where you can flee
Without stopping living this unavoidable reality
That follows you

Because it's written that being a human
Is a being a victim of time, and maybe
An erasable remembrance in a tombstone
Over the earth

Where is your god?
When love is a fancy and where
Hatred is the vital genetics
That inspires us and sentences us

Where is your god?
When man plays war throughout history
And in tomorrow's awakening
Your unhappy eyes will see the
Awakening of a nuclear nightmare
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