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Satan Inside of Me

Thy Antichrist

I walk on nebulous edge of my own abyss
Through the frightful fissures of my morbid brain
And i follow the silverly vestige of the faded moon…

I'm guided by lascivious angels o'er the path of dead roses
Iluminated by old and mournful stars of a moribund sky.

Satan lives inside of me, at the gloomy empty of my mind…

Mentally deranged, tremolous and languid
I stare at the murky empty of the arcan mirrors
And i find the radiancy of the winged golden beast
Entroned in my soul and hidden behind the mythical fallacy.(*)

Hell and heaven burn furious inside of me
And they are crushed like castles in the sand
Between false promises of salvation and damnation.

God and satan die in my memory
Beyond the goodness and evilness.

The dying beast of two dreadful heads
I call it: satan inside of me…
Through the bloody labyrinths of my mind where dwells…
…satan inside of me…

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