Contact high

Tina Turner

I was at this party they had the doors all closed
All this funny smokin`blowin`up my nose
They had this joint that they was passin`around
But when they got to me I turned it down
I was already contact high
I felt like I wanted to fly
Everybody was goi8ng
I really didn`t know I was trying to pass
But everybody got tired of blowin`that grass
I told them at first that I didn`t wanna smoke
But they reached in the sack and pulled out some coke
and I said OH!Don`t do that,don`t do that
I got stoned,plum wasted,like layed
When the party was over everybody was stoned ans was so
glued we couldn`t go home
had my wheels they was carryin` me outside
But I was just too stoned to take that ride
Cause I was out of it,I couldn`t split,it was total chaos
Everything just got quieter and quieter,peaceful
quieter and quieter whoo.
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