Help Him

Tina Turner

Now now, now wait a just minute, wait,
Wait just a minute, relax
Go in the kitchen and get yourself a cup of coffee
Was that the phone?

Ow, tell Ms. Rejones that she's just gonna have to call back later
Now, let's me and you go here where it's quiet
'cause I gotta talk to you, huh
Listen, just, just, just listen're a woman, and you are needed
You're the backbone, the very foundation of what your man stands for
It's no doubt it's rough, life is tough
The price of happiness is high!

And the road, honey the road to peace of mind and love is,
Long winding with dangerous curves,
Bump ups, downs, smiles and frowns
But that's what togetherness is all about

Honey, your man ain't no different than nobody else's man, except you
But there's a little something that you gonna have to do
I know, 'cause I've been up that long road,
huh, believe me

Don't push him, back him
Don't leave him, you gotta love him
Don't deny him, but inspire
Don't neglect him, you got to respect him
Only you can bring out the love you saw
When you first laid your eyes on him, yeah
Listen to me

Give him room to grow, you gotta
Give him room to show, oh
You just got to give him,
Give him time to shine, oh
And just a little bit a
A little bit a strength of advice
Serve him with a woman love
Each and every day and night

There's no such thing as a perfect man
Yes I think you ought to try to understand
That the destiny of a man, honey
Lies in a woman's hands
So you gotta
Listen, tell ya

Don't push him, back him
Don't leave him, but love him
Don't deny honey, you got to inspire
Don't neglect him, oh you got to respect him
'cause only you can bring out the love you saw
When you first laid your eyes on him, yeah

Only you can help your man
Only you can bring out the need
Only you can turn him around
Lift him up when he feels like he's going down
Reach out and grab him by the hand
Baby you gotta,
Honey you gotta make him know
Make him feel like he's a man, oh
Give him your, give him your
Give him your strength
Let him know you love him
Let him know you need him
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