Tina Turner

They say the best thing in life come free
You can give it to the birds and the bees
Cause I need money
Cause that`s what I need
I need money on cash
That`s what I need

Baby you love is giving me all kind of freedom
But your lovin` just don`t pay these bills
I need some money
Whole lotta money
This is a going right thing
A whole lotta money is what I need

Money don`t buy anything it`s true
What I don`t wanna can buy is you
I need a little money
Said is that`s what I need
Except for what I need

I want your love
Cause it gives me thrill
But honey your loving
Just don`t pay these bills

Give me some money
Give me some money
All I need
Is whole lotta money is what I need

Give me some money
I want a whole lotta money
Money grtease is what I need
Tell ya what I need
Money,money,money,money is what I want

Give give give money.
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