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Just The Way I Like You


Sometimes I wonder if I make myself too unavailable
Deal with less people than
You can count on an end table
What can I say I'm loyal
Sometimes it hurts to be loyal
Sometimes I think
I'm missing out on things I'm suppose to go through
Guess sacrifices is when you trying to take over at 22
I'm so focused I'm focused, I'm so focused, I'm focused

Maybe that's a mistake, maybe it's a blessing
Cause people out here are snakes and our time is wasting
I'm not stopping I'm not falling, got no time slow up
Selling shows out on my own
Yeah I'm about to blow up
So many plans so much to do
But in that bed rock, I claim "svu svu"
Got so much time to settle down
But it'd be nice to mess around

Just the way I like you
Just the way I like you
But it feels nice, sometimes sweet

When you kissin' on his spine
Fuckin' me deep, deep, deep
Making hate ya
Pushing off [?]
Leaving me [?]
Ripping off sheets
I know, you know, yeah
You know, you know
You know, you know, you know
Just the way I like you
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