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You're a wanderer (run baby)
He's moving on tonight to find
You're living in between the lines
You roam, wanderer (run baby)
Stuck in between the space and time
Lost in your mind

Is it, telling yourself you'll make it?
Don't know where you be going
Sick, too dis-circulated
Lack of blood up in your system
And you ain't getting nowhere
If you always play the victim
Oh, there's a world if you get up

No pause, no phones, won't set up
Mid round look 'round my head up
Yeah, time's flying and ain't gon' let up
Oh, watch me go (watch me, watch me)
Watch me go
It's my body, my logic, can't stop it
So steady, can't try me, can't tell me
I roll

But you believe in magic
You believe in
Can you see the lights?
Can you feel it?
Can you grab it?
Never no ambition
How you ever suppose to have it?

Ordinary--ordinary thoughts, I detach it
Watch your mouth
Jerome's in the house, watch your mouth
Speak it to existence
And I'm about change, screaming out good riddance

Where we started
And what we wanted
The road is calling, calling, calling
I know we were made for
Something much greater
I want it (I want it)
I want it
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