Something To Feel


Feed me lies
I believed you
That's the saddest thing I believed in you
But I really shouldn't be surprised
Fall down hard
Ain't no way to love
Its been way too rough, finally had enough
I need to make it out the dark

Still it's like damn
I love it, I love it
I love it how it feels
I want it, I want it
I know it isn't good for me
But I'ma let you play me like a symphony
All the while I know it isn't real, yeah
I need something to feel

He acting hella reckless
He repossess that lexus
Can't even pay his taxes
He all up in my texts's
He bought me diamond necklace
Said write that as expenses
He's steady tryna flex this
Like: bae, you're the sexiest

And he all up all up, on my insta liking them photos
If he texting bitches, he know
He ain't get the pussy no more
Cause this shit got him so whipped
Slurping it up like a snow cone
When he with ya girl
He wife it if I let his ass for sure
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