Take Off

Tinchy Stryder

Welcome, the doors are open, Stryder,

I were'nt invited here, and I aint leaving in a hurry,
And that's exactly how I feel so I quoted it from Dizzee,
the flow is like a heart attack,
I'm the cardiac arrest with it,
I see them demons crawling back, so i sign of the cross I'm blessed with it,
they would love to see me fail like him,
they would love to see me skint,
they would love to see me turn to the roads,
and wait for the day I visit bing,
some think I don't deserve this,
irrelevant thoughts are worthless,
Cloud 9 don't touch no surface,
If they're big in the game I'm Elvis,
It's me, myself and I,
When I'm boxed in I'll survive,
I'll box myself out left and right,
left him there with and awkward eye,
Music, I live this,
I caught this like a sickness,
and where is my witness,
Music shot me down I bleed this,
Music, I sing this,
but to them it's business,
when you're hot they cherish,
When the flame dies out It's finished,
This is why I'm sinning, with a
master plan I'm killin 'em,
this is why I scheme with Jack and Arch,
It's why we're winning, winning,

It's nothing but the realness,
straight from the heart,
You've gotta feel this.
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