Tinchy Stryder

I know your hating on me cause i'm famous (oh please)
I know your hating on me cause i'm famous (whats it look like)
I know your hating on me cause i'm famous
Let them all know what my name is (t dot strydes)

(tinchy stryder verse 1)
I know your hating on me because i'm famous
So i got mortgage to move from them haters
Yeah i keep it old school, grim no blazers
All around star in the hood where my base is
Get mine early but i am in the latest
I aint gotta spend a penny cause of my status
And i got a pretty little something shes dangerous
When it comes to girlfriends i keep mine nameless
Wont see me wanna roll like i aint famous
Yeah my chain got popped outside faces
Pricks must of seen that bling in the pendant
Next day i got it back cause i know majors
Back to my music, back to my papers
Back to the paparazzi stuffing our faces
Back to my boy whose discussing my wages
One by one i'm wrapping mine like razors


(tinchy stryder verse 2)
I came from the grime house
Now i'm on the mainstream
Some say i lost it, nah i'm on a whole keys
Like i never made underground with kofi
Thats why i be bossing them around cause they know me
Now let me proceed them man driving at a slow speed
I'm tryna lap em like i'm running from the police
Them man are tryna be the old me their chilling back in 03
While i'm on the podium with trophy's,
Yeah and monsterlyrics.blogspot.com i'ma go all out,
I'm in black but my diamonds are all out
So take time or we'll fall out
I aint buying your cheap tool but i can afford that
Yeah, you do you let me do me
Had a couple number 1's let me get 3 more
Or maybe thats greed, 3rd album 1st try everythings free


(tinchy stryder verse 3)
Why'd you wanna hate for?
You aint gotta see me
I aint in your real world
I'm only on your tv
I aint in a bentley i'm only in a tt
I don't ring your girl but she holla's on a bb
Living like a rockstar born in tha 80's
Certified i top charts i aint doing maybes
Thats why i be asking em how we looking lately
Cause they never answered i'm taking it as flee g, flee, yea
Now i'm heavy round an atlas
Good cv but i'm looking for a night shift
Thats when a real star shines bright
I done told them i'm looking for a hatrick
Three gang stryder, and i'm more famous
Even my ex girlfriends little niece knows what my name is
Different level different stages
In the hood i'm on an a-list.

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