Game Over

Tinchy Stryder

Time to get that profit all in,
Won't rest 'til all my niggers rocket ballin',
I don't even think I stopped this mornin',
I'm the that usually gets them "what's it called's" in,
I'm caught, when it's time to get that shoppin' sorted,
Oh, this Armani blazer, which I got imported,
Yeah I like that whip, because I'm on the bands, only reason I ain't dropped that forty,
Chicks see me on the streets and they stop and call me,
want, me to get my willy out so they can toss it for me,
Got 'em goin' topless for me,
When she grope it for me,
Really got me horny,
Record label contract, my lawyers got it for me,
Dotted all the I's, and the T's can you cross 'em for me?
You can try and put your crosses on me,
I watch, hate, I got shooters that'll watch it for me.

[Verse: Pro Green]
I'm heavy, I'm colder,
Better me know, sir,
I could tear apart MC's but I'd rather read a book on childcare by Kerry Katona,
No nice, 'cause I ran out of it,
Dumb it down a bit,
Ain't somethin' I'm prepared to do,
When I ain't ever gonna run out of lip,
Here's something I prepared for you,
I tried to relax, but being spaced it inspires me back,
When will I be nice, to Katie Price,
The day I see a cage fighter in drag, ah,
I don't wanna tell my rhyme without friction,
Just into be, both feet burst,
And makes pros feed their worst,
And sit and watch 'em swallow their own dic-tion

[Verse: Tinie Tempah]
Uh, watch me distort that bass,
Man grew up on a raw estate,
Now, everytime I draw my dates,
They're like 'how the fuck d'you afford this place?',
First place, first place, first place,
Try and act up and I'ma address that, call it, but I fuck up the man in the place,
Champagne, for goodness sake,
I ain't got a queue 'cause they know my face,
Glance at my watch tryin' to wind up on me,
I wise that I ain't got time to waste,
Get it,
I ain't got time to waste
Get it,
Try'na get high with my face,
Ah ribbit,
Got a big clipboard and I don't remember the last ...

[Verse: Devlin]
Degree for the beat before I murder it,
Don't know my name by now? You shoulda heard of it,
Why? 'cause I'm murdering,
Anybody lurking in, close proximity, circling,
Don't make an example of men when I stride in,
Dev's has got a tiny temper,
I'm observing this, learning,
But know I'm just yearning to burn it,
I'll fight your agenda,
Lock me up, might high risk offender
Make a man turn on his own team, like an Irish defender,
I'm a rhyming inventor that's climbing to heights ya' not meant ta',
The game's over, so roll over,
I'm sober, but I'll still kidnap a so called soldier,
In a boat I'll row into dover, Yeah it's over, the game's over.

[Verse: Example]
Put up ya' lighters, I clash the Titans,
Fight the fighters, might fight the biters,
Spit on my flow, got tonsillitis,
That's on a Monday mornin', ha
Takin' over, run straight past ya'
No warning that I rule disaster,
Harder, faster, stronger, longer,
This one here was top of the classroom,
Stop the lecture, drop the pressure,
Never say never, but nevertheless I,
Never say no to experiments, whether it's temping in scrubs yards, spitting with eloquents,
Positive syllabus, having a hell of a time and it's evident,
Don't question my relevance, I've started on this so I'm back in my element.

[Verse: Chipmunk]
Uh, I open my mouth, bitches panic,
Withdraws the liabilities, mmm, I'm the acid,
Underdogs are barking up, shh hush puppy,
My new chain's got red and blue ice man I call it my slush puppy,
Yeah, let me clap them with the reminder flow,
I was best queue comer err time ago,
Yeah, you've all passed ya' sell by date to me,
I'm different,
Bitch I sell out when you at the venue ordained to me.

Now it's game over,
Canned humanity, but heard he's snaking, he's a cobra,
Could have lived the dream but now ya' days are done, it's over,
Should have remembered scheming and your looking for a shoulder,
to lay low, to wipe your tears on, it's over.


[Verse: Tinchy Stryder]
They better let me go, let me loose,
I'm frozen cold, my veins are blue,
Held to hone, volcate and prove,
Good as gold, my angels flew,
Yo, they can't knock down mine,
Cumbersome flow as I lock down lines,
I am not human, wrought left mutant,
Ask me fully, I'm not my kind,
Yeah, look under my eyelids,
All red, I bleed through the iris,
I can brink up in a week, highest,
Now my brain's on freeze, minus
Yeah I ain't letting it melt,
I'm stark, haze, I'm letting it fill,
Silent this now seperate that,
I stay here I ain't laying in jail, ill.

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