It's Alright


I don't watch TV
Cuz I can't stand the news
It's always bad news
It's like havin' a fortune
And now you ain't got a dime
It's all bad news
Talk shows show us how sick some people can be
But I don't let that bother me
I keep my eyes to the sky
And God in my life
So it don't bother me
It's alright
It's alright
Lets party tonight
We're gonna have a real good time
Lets just party on
Till the break of dawn
We're gonna have a good time
Cuz it's alright
I can't lose my mind
Cuz if I do
Party over oops out of time
Thoughts of war
Hangin' in my mind
Party over oops out of time
We'll see the day
Races are broken
Talk of war no more
Graduation rates so high
Nobody's a fool
Now that's good news
Wanna dance with a cutie
In the pale moonlight
It's my duty
Check two fresh and fruity
Sweet like candy ass
Make a pass for the booty
I fantasize interludes
When I'm in the mood
See me in the nude
No time to rewind
When the bass line rides for two
Feel me in the groove
I rock on and on till the break of dawn
Feet don't stop me now come and sing along
As I get distracted with a two step
Pop that foot in hard
Time to break a sweat
Let it play Mr. DJ
Stimulatin' on the floor
Till I can't dance no more
Gotta react
If the club is packed
Where the party's at
It's Left Eye at the back door (back door)
It's alright
Oh oh oh
Cuz it's alright
Cuz it's alright
Cuz it's alright
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