by Ariane Scotta de Oliveira

what i need from you is understanding how can we communicate.
If you don't hear me what i say so simple as 1,2,3 understandingis
what i mean. You don't even know me you just wanna do what u
wanna do. That's not the way it should be no. You should listento me,
boyi tried so very hard to make you understand. But the chooses
you make baby they're all demands oh. I tried so very hard tokeep
our love alive. But you don't wanna meet me half the way. Thenthe
understanding dies. Theres no way that we can work it out if wedon't
pull togather. I don't need to be demanding. I want some
understanding. I wanna be with you
I listen to you baby. And i know the things you going throug. Itry to
understand. That's why I'm still with you baby. See everyday we
living. Theres one thing that'll always be unsure. That's why ineed you
baby, Pleading baby. Please let our love endure

by: Laquita i copy this from xscape just to do something cause
i 'm bored i'm a big fan of xscape holla!
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