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Sixty Seconds (The Conclusion)


Yo what up
Hit a Q.U.E.S.T.I.O.N.
Oh about the war?
The war?
But I'm sayin' yo
D-Damian Dame
What is goin' on
Because the squabblin' is just insane
What's goin' on as a brother used to say
Kinda makes you think about back in that day
Peace was the word or haven't you heard
All this hype about war is absurd
What's goin' around comes around
Vietnam relived (yeah)
It's the same old sound
Missiles gliding families dividing
The American Dream
Is quickly declining
Depression opression I thought we learned a lesson
From the last time
Nobody wants to stand in the cheese and bread line
Not me see (nah ah)
Recycled generations of love and war
And the question of what!
What we fighting for?
Killin' for oil 'cause we're spoiled with luxury
They gotta have it
So Saddam got rushed G
It got crazy and civilians were hit you see (damn)
A thud a scud all for what
It's time to begin the end
Somebody give it up
Sixty seconds turn off the news
'Cause every channel
Who shot who
Ain't no glory
'Cause in the end it will be His-Story
So we might as well stop!
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