No More Love

Toni Braxton

Oh Oh No...A thousand excuses from u boy
Ive had enough...And I Just Want you to STOP
No more love

Irv Gotti
What you bitches want from a nigga? Huh
Jumpin' up in the truck thats rimmed out with a boss with bucks
where my minds on my figgas so once I give you nut
You get the cut once i toss you up Huh
Your name who? whatva Im Gotti
A made nigga with killas and big bodies BENZ's
All i got for a trick is this song
I can make a bitch rich from a song

I dont appreciate the way that you've been acting lately
I cant believe that you would turn around and try to play me
I know about that chick you met last night down at club nicky's
And then you have the nerve to come home late and try to sex me

Oh Oh No
a thousand excuses from you
boy ive had enough
And i just want you to Stop
No more love

I know you heard me when i said the next time I'd be leavin
You think your game is so tight you wouldnt be caught out there
Im not your freak dont play me cheap
Im tellin you its over
And when you see me on the streets dont speak to me
Its over


Irv Gotti


Irv Gotti
And fuck ya'll too
Im tired of liein,Im tired of denyin,
Im tired of tryin,Im tired of the games
And I aint playin Ya'll know what Im sayin
If ya'll buyin Man Im liein BELIEVE DAT
Ever single word man this is true
And what I'll do to u, Ill run threw you
Thats what I'll do
ANd as for my heart, I wont stop till the devil do us part Why?
Yeah Cuz he is I and I am him
And man i dont win no brimms
whats my muthafuckin name?

I G is Over


You have just experienced anotha Murder inc. banger
Tb and my nigga IG fuck wit it
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