Sposed To Be

Toni Braxton


I never had to check his phone
And worry about him when he's gone
'Cause even when he's not at home
He's right where he said he'd be
I never go to bed frustrated
And I never, ever ever have fake it
'Cause when it comes to our love-makin'
He always aims to please

Say mmm mmm mmm
What he's serving it tastes so good to me
Say mmm mmm mmm
He ain't perfect but he does it for me

My man is tailor-made for me
He comes in just my size
And every time I put him on
I swear he fits just right
Ooooh yeah
Baby, that's how it's sposed to be
I'm right for him and he's down for me
There ain't no other lady
Who'll be sexin' my baby but me
Baby, that's how it's sposed to be

He knows where every single spot is
And everyone hears that drop
When he want get it off
No problem
He knows it's all of me
He ain't about the games and front, no
Staking on his name means somethin
Ain't gon let him go for nothin'
We gon' make history

And I know sometimes we fight
You go your way, I go mine
Still it's you I adore (I adore)
And I put this on my life
As long as I'm alive
Boy, it's you I live for

Oh, baby
That's how it's sposed to be
He's my baby
Can't nobody take my man from me

We can oh no forget it
I'm his, that's automatic
His love, I gotta have it
And that's how its sposed to be
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