Toni Braxton

I'm used to
Going seven whole days and not hearing from him
I'm used to
Him un-breaking my heart then breaking again
I'm used to
Him never really being man enough for me
Always talkin in his sleep but never talkin bout me

Thought it was love
Dealing me a bad hand
Thought it was me
I just couldn't please a man
Just when I thought it wouldn't happen for me

Finally found someone to trust in
Finally found someone who listens
Took awhile to find my finally
Now I'm
Finally gettin it like I need it
Shorties tried but couldn't reach it
Oh so long, but now my finally

It's you
You're makin me high and I don't wanna come down
It's you
How many ways do I love you baby I lost count
It's you
Since you came I ain't sang another sad love song
I can finally breathe, I think I can? Cause I know where I belong

It's gotta be love
The way that I'm feeling
It's gotta be you
That keeps my heart beating
When I couldn't see love for me

It's almost like I'm dreaming bout love
Like being in a movie starring us
Because of you I ain't never going back
I'm where I'm suppose to be
You made sure that finally
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