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    Too Phat - Anak Ayam

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    Too Phat - I Like You Now

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    Too Phat - If I Die Tonight

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    Too Phat - Jezzebelle

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    Too Phat - Pinklady

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    Too Phat - Skoo An Intro/boogie Down

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    Too Phat - Tell Shorty

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    Too Phat - Walk With Me

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    Too Phat - What You Want?

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    Too Phat - Worda Wordee Wordoo

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    Too Phat - You

I Like You Now

Too Phat

(verse 1)
They call me casanova, shorty the romeo
I'm makin' the gurlies scream and squirm in they pantihose
and munchin' Oreos smilin' frontin' my dimples
I'm gettin' the fly gurls and leavin' they boyfriends scratchin' temples
Yea yea but back in school I was a nerd
I read encyclopedias and kinda knew every word
I couldn't get no gurls 'cause I wore thick spectacles
and after school bullies wanted to kicked my test***es
See, well I was small and kinda sissy
The only gurl that wanted to kiss me looked like by Missy
and everybody dissed even this gurl I had a crush wit'
A rich chick wit big ***s that makes y'all wanna touch it
and chew it she got a face like Jennifer Hewwit
and everytime shed passed by the guys would go like "peeewit"
Well losers nerds and geeks they needed love too
So I met her and said "can you be my boo boo ?
prom's around the corner I kinda need a date
and if you said yes a world of difference it would make"
She laughed and said, "hey shorty see my lips ? read it
Look at me... now look at you nerd... beat it !"
Case closed last week I met her at the mall
She like, "hey, 'member you asked me to the ball when we were small ?"
I said, "yeah yeah yea you usta diss me as a child"
"alaaa now you too phat of course I like you now !"

Hey I like you now
I swear I like you now
I usta diss you back then
but hey I like you now (4X)
dont you know how much I like you
dont you know how much I like you now ?(2X)

(verse 2)
ay ay remember Big Barry ?... the one who dated Kelly ?
and everyday after skool he'd kick me in the belly ?
and bullied everybody the father was a wrestler
He took advantage of that and even wacked the headmaster
But passed every semester cause all teachers feared
When we had no p***c hair this kid already grew a beard
A weird mother*****r always tryina make me cry
He'd give me a flyin' kick everytime I pass by
and broke my friggin' glasses 26 times that year
He'd stomp me after class while other kids would cheer
I'd walk home dyin' cryin' lyin' to mommy
"Don't you let that bully kick your tummy gain you lil' dummy,
Lil' Poopsy it's about time you fought back," she said
"Not with your fists but with those words up in your head !"
So the next time when Barry swung and started hittin'
I started bustin freestyle flows and kept spittin'
encyclopedic words and I couldnt seem to quit it
I left him shivering, quivering the man shitted
"Hey excretory opening of the alimentary canal !"
That's longy for a**hole, but he couldn't tell
So he ran and didn't see his face the rest of the semester
The last thing I heard he became a hairdresser
At the last show I heard some peeps be yellin' my name loud
and at the front row was Barry screamin' "hey I like you now !"

( repeat chorus)

(verse 3)

(Joe Flizzow)
See I was at the club chillin' with my boys
Talking about them gurlies and 'em snazzy gurlie toys
Some were crackin' jokes, some were shootin pool
When in walked an angel and kinda blocked my view, damn
She's so fine designed one helluva kind
I thought of a line 'cause I knew I had to make her mine
So I stepped up and let her soak up my aroma
"Gurl where your folks at? I need thank your momma
I'm J Maguire can I manage you tonight ?
and hit my crib so we can start a pillow fight..."
She took a look and brushed my hand off her hip
"hey Joe you silly fool go wipe that drool off your lip
I'm Amber, remember? We went to school together
but back then I was fatter and you called me cookie monster
I took Tummytrim now like what you see ?
But I'll never forgive all the nasty things you said to me"
She spun around and left me standing like lamp post
Damn I got played by the one I wanted most
I couldn't believe this goddess used to be a cow
I never thought I'd say this but hell yeah I like her now :(

( repeat chorus)

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