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    Too Phat - Anak Ayam

  2. 2

    Too Phat - 6 Mc's

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    Too Phat - Alhamdulillah

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    Too Phat - Ali Baba & The Mic Thieves

  5. 5

    Too Phat - Bla Bla

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    Too Phat - Clap To This

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    Too Phat - Get Stoopid

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    Too Phat - I Like You Now

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    Too Phat - If I Die Tonight

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    Too Phat - Illion

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    Too Phat - Jezzebelle

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    Too Phat - Just A Friend

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    Too Phat - Last Song

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    Too Phat - Nasty Girl

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    Too Phat - Pinklady

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    Too Phat - Skoo An Intro/boogie Down

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    Too Phat - Tell Shorty

  18. 18

    Too Phat - Walk With Me

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    Too Phat - What You Want?

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    Too Phat - Worda Wordee Wordoo

  21. 21

    Too Phat - You


Too Phat

Pinklady dance with me
all night in a trance with me
love dove you make me fly
take me high....

Verse 1 (Malique)
Yo fly Friday, feel slick I'm hummin' ladi dadi
this chicka promised me eternal dancin at a rave party
in flesh and bone I'm hiphop, but now I'm changin flava
JOLLY GREeNS to JELLY BEANS tonight I'm gonna be a raver
now Imma knowledge you on who and how this chicka be
she had a PINK HEART, and loved pink CK's and D&G's
and had a BIG BLOKE brother ADAM, some called him BIG E, who pushed
an E CLASS white MERCEDES wit buddies BIG D
and BIG C, but BABY SLITSTA only drove a MITSUBISHI
little rookie raver waitin' for she now he gettin' pissy
glanced the ROLEX, this PINKY LADY kinda late
until I saw the MDM 4 up on this license plate
now all them BLUE BUTTERFLIES in my tummy started flyin'
baby was E BOMB, she left ELAINE and MARY JANE cryin'
CHANEL smell good as NOSECANDY is the aroma
everybody straight or crooked lookin' like they wanna bone her
sexy PINK CROSS TOPS that make you sip saliva in
she hold me tight like it's a HONEYMOON LOVE THANG
promise to dance with me all night long
remember drink alotta water so aint ish goes wrong

Chorus 2x
Pinklady dance with me
all night in a trance with me
love dove you make me fly
take me high....

Verse 2 (Joe Flizzow)
Friday night, I'm at home hittin a fat bammer
when out of the blue the phone rang for the LOVE DOCTOR
It was MOLLY, she back from the States
HAWAII'S FINEST was gon' pick me up about eight
I said where we goin? she said she wanted to blaze some green
And after that hook up wit' JANE and check out the Rave scene
I said cool in no time she was at my spot
8pm on the dot, walked in lookin Hot
She gave me a kiss on the cheeks
and cruised in her LAMBORGHINI way above the LEGAL SPEED
valet parked the car all eyes on she and me
tipped the fool, skipped the queue, walked through the VIP
introduced me to the bouncer RACEHORSE CHARLIE
he let us in and said have fun with DIRTY MOLLY
MOLLY took my hands and tried to kiss me on the lips
I said chill MAMA COCA take it easy I ain't about to trip....singin..


Verse 3(Malique)
the club was slammin', no SAMS or JAKES to make the party stop
guys were chewin' gums and the gurlies were sucking lolipops
I chose not to pay attention mind my own bnez
on some BOOTY JUICE tonight no time for fancy drinks or guiness
hit the dancefloor dirty dance with PINKLADY
tongue kissed me once and twenty minutes later went crazy
she musta used the LOVE POTION NUMBER 9 or something
baby struck my heart wit' sudden love and plus it kept me bumpin'
I started gettin' funny, LOVE HUGgin' everybody
pinky pulled me to her gave another kiss and im like hooooo
I started seein' angels in thongs and Cupid with a poison arrow
aimin' at me right behind a cloud of YAY YO
that's when I saw MOLLY goddamn I miss her
my summer fling last year but never really kissed her
she all in pink too, I winked and then she winked too
excused myself from PINKLADY one and went to pink two
kissed her twice not once felt like a pimp foo
four kisses, two pinkladies now dont you think it's coo?
I think it ain't a BAD TRIP after all comin
ish I'm startina see a bunch of little midgets hummin'
ring around the ROSES and have an overdose
a TISSUE, a TISSUE and we all fall down


kinda confused with the ambience, everybody sippin' Evian
no sign of Chardonay, Moet or Perignon
that's when I saw my man layin' on the ground
no more black in the eye ose bleeding made no sound
I slapped him around, i shouted in his ear
the **** you've been messin' with?
hey get some help in here
what chall doin'? gimme a hand people
hang in there man..we gon' get you to a hospital
my man's dying gotta act quick
carried him to the car saw PINKLADY and I felt sick
I prayed to god let my potna live please...


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