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Get Stoopid

Too Phat

two crazy kekoz
slique lique is the nick...3x
yaw yaw yaw

Verse 1(Malique)
slique lique is the nick more tricks than jackie flicks
kid who quick to rip the script and make it sicker
people gave me respect for spittin bomoh
your reply was wack tho, thank you for the promo
u aint worth a foe, so **** the beef son
u holler at me imma holler at u peace, ONE.
kids bump and get dumb when my beats run
turn to stupiddest clowns without a reason...

i never thot id battle a cat as tight as me
until i met this baldheaded busted like coupla years back
they call him joe....

(Joe Flizzow)
Flizzow, hear my voice suckers get stupid
everybody make noise ay yo witness as its coo kid
do ish, the dopest muthas on the planet
we gettin more boobies than the guy who grabbed Janet's
and its kinda funny how i blaze the stage
no one complainin jumpin like a monkey out a cage
its all god sing along if yall dont know your best hum
everybody get stupid and dumb, what.

all my ppl in the back get stoopid
all my ppl in the front get stoopid
left to the right straight up stoopid
everybody jump around and get stoopid

Verse 2 (Malique)
what if you was dumb before? i make u dumber
make your mama bang ur head like a funking drummer
Lique the charmer bummer, never drove a Hummer
kid who had the stupiddest dreams to be a plumber
in summer, im assing my thongs you maybe laugh to this
funny rhyme smash i dash while makin cash to this
mackin hoes on bets, im steady locin
ask her for her number and leave the ***** hopin
Yall feel me? know my raps always smooth and steady
for realz speed rhymes, daily switchin styles like a medley
hiphop scholar now u foos studyin my flow
pimp pop they holler wanna battle? i say now foes
skoo your IQ, now do as i do
know i bag more ladies than erykah badu
i aint playin son, but when i do it
i get crazy, buckwild and get stoopid


Verse 3
Jump around get dumb and make a holler
oops your hons gettin some you better call her
all the guys say hmmmm aight?
all the gurls say hmmm aight?
all the emcees in the house get dumb with me
dj's scratch ish get dumb with me
b boys, b girls get dumb with me
graf writers yall get dumb with me


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