Treasure (Whatever Happened To Pete The Chop?)


I like to smile but I'd most like the smile to stay with you
I like good times but I can't feel them without you
By my side, the heart is the place we have to find
Jump up beside me, jump up beside me

If I should die
I couldn't tell the world how I felt about you
And I'd like more time
To describe the feeling when
I feel you in my arms
Take you in my hand
How could I let you go?
Somebody save me
Somebody save me from myself

'Cause you sing, you sing my favourite song
'Cause you sing, my favourite song

I like good times
But the better they are the better chance they will go wrong
You sing my favourite song
You sing my favourite song

If I could swim, I'd swim in circles.
And never drown
If I did, I'd drown with you
If I had enough of my life
It would be because
I hadn't enough of you
Then I would die
Die, die, die, die
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