Any Ole Love

Ultra Nate

I remember those good old days
When you first became my baby
Made me feel like a little girl
You changed my world
But something happened along the way
You started acting strange and kind of shady
Guess you think you've got me where you want
Trying to be so cool
Thinking I'll never leave you

Pre chorus
You want to have it your way
And you want to treat me badly
But I can do without your kind
Of love at night
I think I'm gonna wait for the real thing

Any old love
Your love just ain't good enough
Any old love
Your love just ain't good enough
Any ole love
Any ole love
Any ole love

Every day on the phone together
Telling me that our love was forever
Love like that was a mystery
Was all I need
But now it seems like the fire's gone
Working too hard to keep this thing together
I don't want any kind of love
I think you should move on
I'd rather be alone

Pre chorus
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