The First Time Free

Ultra Nate

First time I met House
It was a moonlit night
It was destined to be
It was love at first sight
First time I met House
I was lost in a space you see
I came there alone but
She made me feel right at home
First time I met House
She was deeper than deep
I felt a chill down my spine
From my head to my feet
First time I met House
I knew our love would last forever because

That night she blew my mind
It was a sign from the devine
First time I met House
I didn't know quite what to do
I'd wake up in a cold hot sweat
Wondering was it true?
Was my mind playing tricks on me
Did my heart and my ears deceive?
Or was it just a lovely dream
I had one summer's eve?

First time I met House
I promised I " d leave her for no other
Even though I knew she had a million lovers
Just like me
Embraced in her songs and melodies
Forever dictating my Saturday nights
And Sunday afternoons
I guess I " ll be her fool for as long as she wants me to
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