New Kind Of Medicine

Ultra Nate

I need a new kind of medicine
I need a new kind of medicine
I need a new kind of medicine
One don't hurt so much
Ain't so damn tough
And makes me feel good all over

Something baby about your love
Don't work for me
And I been thinking
How bad your loving makes me feel
Turning me around and around
Back and forth
And up and down
Always thought you'd be good for me
But lately it's killing me

Pre chorus
And I need someone
To fill me with sweet ecstasy
And I need someone who can take
Me high
And set me free
Leaving me alone at night
Never want to sacrifice
Now I know you're no good for me
Now I've got to find a remedy

Tell me baby
How could things change so soon
I gave you everything
Nothing was too good for you
Love should feel like
A warm healing deep inside
But I feel I'm slowly dying
From sitting home alone and crying

Pre chorus
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