1. 1

    Unexpect - Chromatic Chimera

  2. 2

    Unexpect - Constellation And Mysticism

  3. 3

    Unexpect - Desert Urbania

  4. 4

    Unexpect - Ethereal Dimensions

  5. 5

    Unexpect - Feasting Fools

  6. 6

    Unexpect - In The Mind Of The Last Whale

  7. 7

    Unexpect - In Velvet Coffins We Sleep

  8. 8

    Unexpect - Mechanical Phoenix

  9. 9

    Unexpect - Megalomaniac Trees

  10. 10

    Unexpect - Metamorphosis

  11. 11

    Unexpect - Novae

  12. 12

    Unexpect - Orange Vigilantes

  13. 13

    Unexpect - Psychic Jugglers

  14. 14

    Unexpect - Rooted Shadows

  15. 15

    Unexpect - Shades Of A Forbidden Passion

  16. 16

    Unexpect - Silence This Parasite

  17. 17

    Unexpect - Summoning Scenes

  18. 18

    Unexpect - The Fall Of Arthrone

  19. 19

    Unexpect - The Flames Of Knowledge Forever Lost

  20. 20

    Unexpect - The Quantum Symphony

  21. 21

    Unexpect - The Revival

  22. 22

    Unexpect - The Shiver - A Clown's Mindtrap

  23. 23

    Unexpect - The Shiver - Another Dissonant Chord

  24. 24

    Unexpect - The Shiver - Meet Me at the Carrousel

  25. 25

    Unexpect - Unfed Pendulum

  26. 26

    Unexpect - Unsolved Ideas Of a Distorted Guest

  27. 27

    Unexpect - Until Yet a Few More Deaths do Us Part

  28. 28

    Unexpect - Vespers Gold

  29. 29

    Unexpect - When The Joyful Dead Are Dancing

  30. 30

    Unexpect - Words

Orange Vigilantes


Deep under the darkened cities
Beneath the overcrowded metropolis
All over the living sphere
In labyrinths of olden tunnels
Carved by forgotten forces

A sneaky revolution has taken form
Insidious and unexpected
Plugged into their mechanized training sockets
The Pumpkins are ready to march on mankind

Architects of a unique and healthy master plan
To squash and seed once more
In league to restore a long lost balance
Blueprints are set for a new pulse
And orange shall be the color of salvation

Heroic icons of the vegetable supremacy
A mistreated garden, their ultimate purgatory

They will row
Row without arms, but with fervor
Towards distant clouds of fire
Floating in steam-powered boats
Made of stone, shells and ivy
Grimacing faces at the bow of the vagrant entities

Looming over saturated airwaves
Fields to behold, hordes of barbarians
Sinking in hourglasses of concrete
The Pumpkins are ready to march on mankind

An elitist carnage for the satisfaction of a renewed greenhouse
But only the heads shall burn!
Hands and legs shall be spared to dance madly afterwards
Freed from an unfair alliance by grinning ambassadors
Earth's own orange vigilantes
The Pumpkins are ready to march on mankind

When shall rise the Pumpkins
And their organic cohorts
The reign of men as we know it
Will reach its conclusion

And in a parody of ancient ways
Halls of stained glass shall commemorate the past
A festival of altered realities and manipulated perceptions
Orchestrated by vain, secretive, faceless schemers

And in a parody of ancient ways
Halls of stained glass shall commemorate the past

History repeats itself as usual

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