1. 1

    Unexpect - Feasting Fools

  2. 2

    Unexpect - In Velvet Coffins We Sleep

  3. 3

    Unexpect - Megalomaniac Trees

  4. 4

    Unexpect - Chromatic Chimera

  5. 5

    Unexpect - Constellation And Mysticism

  6. 6

    Unexpect - Desert Urbania

  7. 7

    Unexpect - Ethereal Dimensions

  8. 8

    Unexpect - In The Mind Of The Last Whale

  9. 9

    Unexpect - Mechanical Phoenix

  10. 10

    Unexpect - Metamorphosis

  11. 11

    Unexpect - Novae

  12. 12

    Unexpect - Orange Vigilantes

  13. 13

    Unexpect - Psychic Jugglers

  14. 14

    Unexpect - Rooted Shadows

  15. 15

    Unexpect - Shades Of A Forbidden Passion

  16. 16

    Unexpect - Silence This Parasite

  17. 17

    Unexpect - Summoning Scenes

  18. 18

    Unexpect - The Fall Of Arthrone

  19. 19

    Unexpect - The Flames Of Knowledge Forever Lost

  20. 20

    Unexpect - The Quantum Symphony

  21. 21

    Unexpect - The Revival

  22. 22

    Unexpect - The Shiver - A Clown's Mindtrap

  23. 23

    Unexpect - The Shiver - Another Dissonant Chord

  24. 24

    Unexpect - The Shiver - Meet Me at the Carrousel

  25. 25

    Unexpect - Unfed Pendulum

  26. 26

    Unexpect - Unsolved Ideas Of a Distorted Guest

  27. 27

    Unexpect - Until Yet a Few More Deaths do Us Part

  28. 28

    Unexpect - Vespers Gold

  29. 29

    Unexpect - When The Joyful Dead Are Dancing

  30. 30

    Unexpect - Words

The Revival


Forever trapped, Who will be the mold ?
A new rule, a new age, for this Land of cold

Sorrow and pain, give me the rage
Sorrow and pain, to break out of my cage

A young man descendant of Lond
Is my bringer of hope
"The shell so desired at last..."

After so many milleniums, my name again will be
Listen well children of the frost, to my unholy stoy...

In my icy stronghold I sat
Gazing at dark trophies of mortal defeats
Encased in pure crystal snow
Striving for the eternal return of the Ice Age
The tale of how I fell would be too long to tell
But one day came a spirit from beyond
With a quest divine, an entity called Lond...

With priests of the North, wizards ans swordsmen all bold
Lond led these mortals where frosen death abode
On a dismal night of tragedy they stood before my gate
Stepping into the hearth of foulness toward their fate

They came with Fire and Faith
To bring me down
The one reason to their hate
Me the Suzerain of Cold...

Their legions decimated, standing tall the Holy Land
Sorcery and steel unmade me, a final spell was cast
Trapped in a dimension, between the cosmos and the past
Alone with my loneliness, Behold my angry song

[Servant Spirit:]
"An Epic tale, a prophecy
The circle now is done
Our King at last shall be set free
When converge moon and stars
Beware oh you mortals
For vengeance and penance shall be ours..."

Beware oh you mortals
For vengeance and penance shall be mine...

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