1. 1

    Unexpect - Chromatic Chimera

  2. 2

    Unexpect - Constellation And Mysticism

  3. 3

    Unexpect - Desert Urbania

  4. 4

    Unexpect - Ethereal Dimensions

  5. 5

    Unexpect - Feasting Fools

  6. 6

    Unexpect - In The Mind Of The Last Whale

  7. 7

    Unexpect - In Velvet Coffins We Sleep

  8. 8

    Unexpect - Mechanical Phoenix

  9. 9

    Unexpect - Megalomaniac Trees

  10. 10

    Unexpect - Metamorphosis

  11. 11

    Unexpect - Novae

  12. 12

    Unexpect - Orange Vigilantes

  13. 13

    Unexpect - Psychic Jugglers

  14. 14

    Unexpect - Rooted Shadows

  15. 15

    Unexpect - Shades Of A Forbidden Passion

  16. 16

    Unexpect - Silence This Parasite

  17. 17

    Unexpect - Summoning Scenes

  18. 18

    Unexpect - The Fall Of Arthrone

  19. 19

    Unexpect - The Flames Of Knowledge Forever Lost

  20. 20

    Unexpect - The Quantum Symphony

  21. 21

    Unexpect - The Revival

  22. 22

    Unexpect - The Shiver - A Clown's Mindtrap

  23. 23

    Unexpect - The Shiver - Another Dissonant Chord

  24. 24

    Unexpect - The Shiver - Meet Me at the Carrousel

  25. 25

    Unexpect - Unfed Pendulum

  26. 26

    Unexpect - Unsolved Ideas Of a Distorted Guest

  27. 27

    Unexpect - Until Yet a Few More Deaths do Us Part

  28. 28

    Unexpect - Vespers Gold

  29. 29

    Unexpect - When The Joyful Dead Are Dancing

  30. 30

    Unexpect - Words

In Velvet Coffins We Sleep


From the ancient race of the immortals
We enjoy the moon, us its eternal vassals
Pondering our lost humanity
Forever fated to wander the obscurity

Hunters....hunted...harmony found in silence
Breath the fresh air os the sleeping pinetrees
Levitate our thoughts to the high branches
Buried under the snow
Pure and white as an untouched young women

An erotic masquerade of soft promises
Elegants and charming are we to their eyes
With unnerving ease those weak beings we fool
To satisfy the needs of our blood-hungry souls

Ah! The bless that is to come
For we pass as a gentle breeze born of strife
A benediction is the journey into unlife
Thus, we deliver it with a final parting kiss

Oh sweet night we cherish you
Let us dance under your glorious black wings
Oh sweet night we hear your cries
This symphony of tranquility inspiring grand bewitching waltz

Oh sweet night we cherish you
Les us be thou companions of suffering
Oh sweet night we hear your summon
This beautiful music brought forth by the wolves hymn

Sumptuous feast of pale virgins
Nudes under the gleam of the Silverorb
In a foggy glade of a dim mounful forest
Rejoicing under the pipes of satyres

"Beyond pleasure in this night of erotism
Filled with delightful melodies and bloody carresses"

To the perfects, we present immortality
Enjoint with the powers of the night
For the dark gift possess a fondness for beauty
Only for those inspiring orgasm on sight

Oh sweet night we cherish you
Take us toward far off horizons
Oh sweet night we heard your call
Where dawn is no more, forever lost in time
The promised Land of darkness
Whispered of only in old rituals

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