This Ain't Sex


You need to turn this up to the dance floor
It's just you and me
Uh, yeah, feel that, yeah, ha
You know what's gonna happen once I get you over here you, right?
You scared, yeah

Baby... I can't wait to get you up in my room
Baby... first let me go and set up the mood (set up her mood)
Now I'm gonna do you up and then, I'm gonna do you down
I'm gonna have that body baby floating all around
And all you gotta do is get close to me
Bring it all to me, it's going down

Yeah, we ain't having sex
We're making moments that will outlast the world (talking about our love)
And this ain't sex
This is the symbol of the true makings in love
I'm open all night aw baby
Oh, look at what you're doing to me
Make me believe
I'm not blind to see everything you giving to me
Oh, oh baby, oh baby, oh

This is love; this is real; this is how you make me feel
Oh baby, ha
This is love; this is real; this is how you make me feel
Aw don't quit on me now

Baby... I can't wait to deliver you (like a fed ex box baby girl sign your own name)
Oh... baby... I... can't wait to remember you (can I be the first one call on your birthday?)
How I did you up and then how I did you down
Yeah, I had that pretty body floating around
Thinking back to when you were close to me and
I thought that we would never come down, hey


Aw, baby, oh, baby
Feels so good
I can't get carried away
Need to stop and think before it's too late
I can't
It feels so good inside
I guess we'll turn this moment into a life time

Cut loose
Bring it back; bring it back

Huh oh oh

We ain't having sex, no, we're just making moments that will outlast the world (outlast the world now baby)
This ain't sex this is a symbol of a true makings in love (talking about our love)

Oh, baby, ha
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