Turn the lights on

Now it all seems like a blur
All the things we saw and heard
At least for me, this was a first

Do you remember that night in amsterdam?
Still, you remember that night in amsterdam
Maybe you were too gone, maybe I was gone too
And I know I was on you, and I didn't even want to land
(Do you remember that night in amsterdam?)
Cause' I remember clearly

So hard to describe being a g
You had to be there, you had to feel it for yourself
Walking through the static of the aftermatics
Started from the bottom, made it to the attic
Hoping I don't leave, about this benjanati
Halfway to the plane, and we still going at it
You so sexy, cursing out taxi travels
You were so public, you was like fuck it
Lemme ride it! So I did, and you did
Had that mac getting big
Wishing I could take you back to where I live
Thought about you all the way back to the crib

All those smoky rooms filled with tiny dancers
And all those voices calling my name, and I ain't tryna answer
And when you lay down on me, I couldn't help but stand
Had me all that attention, lost in this wonderland

I was so in tune, didn't notice anyone else that was in the room
Made a small shower, to all the wall flowers
Didn't have any other choice but to bloom

Each moment lead to the other, saw the beauty in every color
With me standing in the light, and you was like, let me get a life
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