Here I Stand


I'm hoping
That this ain't
To hard to believe
Cause baby
You're the only one
For me
I know it get hard
When i'm moving in
And outa state
But i promise
My heart for you
I would stay
Just remember that

No matter how far i go
And no matter how long
It takes no one
Or nothing can change
Forever yours
Here i stand
(Here i stand baby)
Your like a mirror
To my soul
But a queen
(My queen)
And finaly now i know
Just what that's means
Aw ya your the blessing
I never thought
I would get
And to the Lord
I humbly bow
My head
Just remember that

Ever since you came
(Since you came along)
It seems like
(I couldn't get it right)
Man i felt so lost
And there know way
I could be found
(Find me)
And if you can make love
(Every time
you get get me alone)
You make me feel a way
I never felt
With no one else
And i can't help myself
I'm telling you that

(Chorus 3x)
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