Go Missin


It's so crowded up in here what you doin' all alone
And It's so dark in here plus you ain't even got your phone
What kind of man would ever want to leave your side
Shame on him, you coming home with me tonight babe

Go missin’
Baby ain't nobody gotta know
Go missin’
Concious tellin’ you shouldn’t go
Don’t listen
I’mma take a key for sure turn her up
You can follow me right out that back door
Go missin’
Go missin’
Go missin’
Baby we can keep it on the low
Go missin’, go missin’, missin’

Reckless abandon go ahead and card your girl
They probably got someone taking care of them
Girl to each his own
I promise if you come with me I’ll let you get home in the morning
Make up your mind girl what’s it going to be
Keep it mind we gotta leave before they turn the light on
I’m gon’ rob my keys don’t you over...
Just leave with you I bet they probably be long gone

Come with me shorty forget about him
Call me big daddy to the morning
Do yourself a favor tonight
Cause a chance like this only happen once in a lifetime
Come with me shorty do you want to get it in?
You and me shorty, I’mma take you out of here
So do yourself a favor tonight
Oh, girl lets go missin’
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