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Water Came Walkin'


Helpless and afflicted for thirty-eight years
Now the waters are troubled but there's no one to carry me there
I've seen so many enter the water and come out with a new story to tell
But for me it's the same old, same old
And for me it's just another day
So I lay here and wait

Captured by my sorrow, trapped in my pain
Maybe tomorrow the water will be troubled again
Then, all at once, from out of nowhere
Came a gentle and compassionate Man
Spoke the word to my soul, "Wilt thou be made whole?"
And sent me walking with my bed in my hand


You see the water came walking in the form of a Man
Then all of a sudden I felt this water within
It flowed through my spirit and it flooded my soul
I never ever thought I would see
The day this water would come walking to me


Some people may doubt it
They don't understand
I'll sing and shout it, "I'm a brand new man!"
More precious than silver
More priceless than gold
He brought living water to my dry thirsty soul

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