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Temporary Home


Publisher: Gaither Music Company

Sometimes I feel like I'm just walking around
With my head up in the clouds
I'm steady moving but I'm not gaining ground
Headed the wrong way in the crowd

Then I remember I'm not part of this world
I'm moving higher each day
Upward mobility sounds mighty good to me
And I just can't wait to get away


I got to remember I'm not here to stay
I'm moving forward to a brighter day
I got to remember I'm not here for long
I'm just living in my temporary home

When you are bothered by the problems of life
Well don't you let them bring you down
Just look to Jesus, you will not be denied
He'll bring you up to higher ground

Don't you forget you're a child of the King
And you're an heir to His throne
You'll never know just when He's coming back again
To take us to our happy home

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