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What It Took


What did it take to open Heaven
To rip the veil that kept us far away
What did it take to purchase our forgiveness
What kind of price would Heaven have to pay
How much blood upon the alter
What perfect Lamb could be consumed by fire
What did it take to satisfy the Father
What did His holiness require


It took hanging on the cross for crimes He'd never done
It took conquering the power of the grave
Jesus knew the sacrifice would cost His very life
But because He loved the world He came to save
Death is what it took but life is what it gave


It took stripes upon His sinless back
To heal our sinful race
It took thorns upon His sacred brow
To crown us with His grace
It took nails that pierced His hands and feet
To pierce our hardened hearts
Nothing less could tear the chains
Of death and hell apart

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