Visions of Atlantis

To shed all this pain in me
This distant reality
Memento is forcing thee
To return to a point to dark to flee

Addicted to the past
Remembrances to cast
Not waking from your self extiction
Soaked in acid
Or in vain
No reasons to detain
Those twinges just remaining the past
Remaining the last
Goodbye of
Just time off

But all those memories hurting cane
Forever banned a futile gain
Below the crown it's not the same
Just a stain

Now betrayals cloud your sight
A tunnel with no light
Not waken from your self deception
The just try, to face the truth
I guess you'missed the move
When they told you not to read
Morenot to ask for an answer
This shrouded answer

But all those memories...

Tempus hic est ut veritatem dicere
Tempus hic est ut mendacia finire
Tempus hic est ut animam
Tempus rationis veridici hic est

Time has come to face the truth
Time has come to make the move
Time is here to feel the rage
Power of the surpressed page

And all i said and done
And all are gone
Follow me follow me follow me
Into the dark of doom

And when night falls you'll know
Where you belong
Hollow me hollow me hollow me
Til your reach the loom

After the dark there's alight we
Towards the dawn of eternity

Don't dare to fail
Or you'll never prevail

Prevail over lies over jealousy
Walk in to the light of eternity

Don't dare to fail
Or you'll never prevail
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