Send Me A Light

Visions of Atlantis

Loneliness's my friend
My self - built land
Until the end

Rain clouds, darkness, coldness - I'm satisfied
Hate and anger, fear is my guiding light
Hear me screaming,
Crying your name up to the sky
Hope for your sign, send me a light
Rescue my soul, set me free

On my way to the unknown
- Send me a light
You've got the show me the way,
healing my pain,
don't leave me alone
- Out of my night.
Into the unknown...
- Send me a light
Show me the way,
don't lead me atray,
send me a light.
- Out of my night...

Lay your arms on me
To set me free
My fear is me
Take my hate away
Let pain astray
Show me this way

Night falls, dark dreams, blackness comes over me
Endless sorrow, this is what I can see
Hear me, help me, your love could set me free
See me bleeding, don't go away - leave me
alone, in my night

Curse the darkness, for I can free my loul
Freedom calls me, I won't be left alone
Dreaming your dreams, could be reality
You are my dream, see what I've seen and come
with me, into light
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