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Lovebearing Storm

Visions of Atlantis

[Act one]
Drowning, lost in the dark cold night
Where she needed me to stay at her side
For the first time I saw my want and will
By her dreams I was chosen to fulfill

Night by night into sleep he fell
Where the need for love gave me my own hell
In the deepest gloom of his misery
Will the light of real love ever shine for me

I am the kingdom
I am the crown
My love is forever
Whatever is shown
I keep beholding
For you and me

May the light of real love ever shine for me

No more I am lost in the dead of the night
We have found each other as lover and bride
No more lonesome gazing at the moon anymore
In your arms I witnessed what my live is for

[Act two]
A lovers promise the test of time
My heart is yours will yours be mine
When the storm rose over thy boat at sea
You were saving my life and you cared for me

Beneath the sea I drowned in despair
Was it wise or not to take me there
But no long time passed and the truth did come
For eachother we were shown as the only one

A different kind of morning, light is breaking and dawn over me
Embraced by your gentleness and wisdom I turn free from sleep
May our hearts beat together, make eternity shine
For a second of living, a moment in time

Riding through the oceans, I see there is nothing to fear
And living is like dancing in the heaven of dreams when you are near
May the world fall apart now, may the oceans dry
We have seen what is worth living, for a moment in time
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