Papa Wouldn't Understand

Worlds Apart

Here we are outside your door
Both of us feel the same vibration
You say your folks are not at home
Don´t you know girl we must be patient

Yes I know it´s natural to feel this way
When you look so beautiful I´d like to stay
You see I´ve got too much respect for you
To do something I shouldn´t do

Don´t make demants, your papa wouldn´t understand
Don´t make demants, your papa wouldn´t understand

Feel your heartbeat trouth yuor dress
Fell myself getting with every kiss
Girl it´s time we said goodnight
Baby please don´t let´s start a fight

Well I never meant for us to go this far
Never dreamed I´d be with you girl
But there we are
It seems so strange for me to say enough
When we could making love

horus... (2x)

We could take the wrong direction
Lose ourselves along the way
Think about in the morning girl
We have to face another day baby

Chorus... (3x)

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