When It`s Christmas Time

Worlds Apart

I still believe
Once a time will come
When love and peace
Are no more just single words
I still believe
Even if it`s hard
That our minds must change
For a better world

So if you believe
In what it`s worth to give
Then one day
We will come together as one

When it`s christmas time
You lay your hands in mine
(I know) the world
Has got a place for all
Again it`s christmas time
A million stars will shine
(And I wish)
We`ll never be apart

Don`t you know it`s christmas
Don`t you know
It`s christmas for all
All around the world
Thank god it`s christmas
I wish you a merry christmas

I still believe
Somewhere there`s a place
For me and you
A place where love is true
I still believe
Evev if your love is gone
There`ll be an angel
By your side
You`re not alone


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