Just Say I Said Hello

Worlds Apart

We never said forever
And if we did I never
Expected leases to sign
But still I felt so sure
Whatever comes
She's a friend of mine

So friend turns into lover
How quickly we discover
The ground we're trading on
Is mined
Love takes no prisoners
But when I reach for her
She's hard to find

Inside I cried
(But she won't know)
(Never know)
Tell her
Just say I said hello

I thrive on isolation
An independent station
I'm in a unit of one
Don't blow my cover now
I know this solo
Has just begun

Don't say you saw me crying
Please don't say
You know I'm lying
Just say I'm strong and free
Don't tell you will be
A friend of mine

Inside I cried
But she won't know
(Never know)
Tell her
Just say I said hello

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