A little more
A little longer wanna hold your hand in mine
With a little anticipation, your train will leave for a new life
I know I should send you off with a smile on my face
But I just can't be so happy, no matter how I try

Hope the days to come are filled with love
As seasons come and go
Hope you don't collect many sad songs that make you cry
Thinking of the things that I should tell you, something meaningful
I keep looking for the right words to say
Something other than "good-bye"

I believed my destiny was to lead you by the hand
A little funny now, the more I think about it
But I get it now, because we'll be fine, nothing to worry about
All the days we spent together will guide us down the right path

You will come in full bloom by yourself while we are apart
And there is no guarantee that I won't change at all
But no matter how hard it may be, if there is a song like this
A song like this will keep us close, no matter how far
We will always be together

It's already time to go, the whistle sings and the time is up
You let my hand go as you're walking away before I'm ready
So I had to call your name to stop and hold you close
Remember that I'm just a call away to be with you wherever you are

From the day you came into my life
It's been such a miracle
Every little part of me has changed for the better
The morning sun and all the tears and my voice to sing this song
Ever since you came to me, they all shine brighter

Can you hear all my love I have for you overflowing out of me?
I'm going to sing this song to you although you're far away
Rest assured babe, as long as we keep this song in our hearts
Nothing ever could pull both of us apart
You know we'll always be together
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