Mou Koi Nante Shinai


On the kitchen table sits an empty cup
Spent hours searching for a bag of tea
Even though you have gone I'll make a new start
From this day on I will learn how to take care of me

Now the food's on the plate but your favourite recipe
Has somehow lost it's flavour now that things have changed
Looking back I see everything you did for me
And I know life won't ever be the same

Back when I had you by my side
I would try to run from the intimacy
It's too late but I realize
Loneliness it hurts more than the desire to be free

Won't you tell me why, why you said goodbye
I still don't understand why it had to end
Here in this room, oh I feel so alone
I'm moving forward but I'm still searching for the way home

I promise you, this I know for sure
I'm gonna be okay baby can't you see
Cause I made a promise to myself that I'll
Never say I'll never love again

From the towel in the bath to your old ashtray
That hat and the scarf you gave to me
The books out in the hall, all the records we played
Gonna clean up, gonna move on, gonna throw them away

I'm standing in the hall, trash bag in my hand
I'm trying to be strong but my knees grow weak
Though the people stare I try to retain my dignity
They all know what I have been through

All of these things you leave behind
Remnants of a past that will fade over time
I take a look around and I realize
All the happiness that we shared is gone forever

Everything I do leads me back to you
The little things that keep you inside my heart
Trying to let go but the memory's too strong
I'm trapped inside this heartbreak, the loneliness since you've gone

I know it's true, someday I'll forget you
All those little dreams we left unfulfilled
Believe in the hope that a new day brings
I'll make a brand new start without you

I was in love, truly was in love
All that I knew was out of loving you
But I made a promise to myself that I'll
Never say I'll never love again
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