Natsu No Omoide


(Natsu no omoide te wo tsunaide aruita kaigansen
Kuruma he norikonde)

Summertime magic, was so classic
I remember it like yesterday
No stressing, forever cruising
Got me wrapped up in a sweet fantasy
Baby, put it on playback
Every little thing just takes me back
A memory of paradise with you
A paradise with you

I said 5 4 3 2 1 call shotgun!
Straight for the coastine we're headed
Waited all year for the summer holiday
And all the while the radio is on playing that
Pop like a soda
Dance how we wanna
Driving slow we no looking for trouble
Pull up to the beach so ready
Friends & lovers all about that groovin'
And the girls just wanna have fun
Floating by the shore like puca puca
Are you coming or nah?
All the boys passing round a beach ball
Sun blazing all hot like kura kura
We don't need no cooler
Ooh la la come and help me out
A little closer
I'll tell you what I need
Spf and some love like a summer dream

I'm on a roll with it
Come on roll with it
The waves break break break we just ride with it
Sippin' at the bar, ice cream float
Bubbles so tempting, yeah, I need some more
Feel good
Real good
The way that we're dancing
Round and a round around we go
Sun goes down and we won't stop
Easy come easy go we were feeling a vibe
Though I knew all along
Dummer lovers always say goodbye
The way you smiled was so sweet like a melody
You were the king baby I was your queen
Nowadays I still wonder
Do you ever think of me the way I do of you?
Magic hour, how I hoped the sun would never fade
On and on on replay

Thinking about the days
Remember how we used to be
All the little things keep on taking me back
Nothing could stop you and me
There it goes again
Running through my mind all day
Summer loving
Every moment
We swore that it would never end

A paradise with you

Salt in the air, sand in my hair
Turquoise paradise, nothing compares
Sea breeze, good vibes
No shade, no lie
Photographs fade, memories stay

A paradise with you
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