Blankets of snow, the call of seasons come
So peacefully celestial
Our roads they part, nowhere to find ourselves
A different place yet they're all the same
We still try to carry on
In the bitter white and still unseen

Out of the blue you appeared so naturally
Oh how you simply set me free
So many gone, like plastic silicone
So fast I never caught their names
After all the games we've played
You still remain a mystery

You just turn away looking so alright lalalai lalalai
And it drives me crazy
Why don't you tell me what you're feeling
Just talk to me, I need your honesty
We can't go on living in disbelief
No more lonely heartaches

Come color me in pure white snow and let it show
Down into my heart and soul, ah
Don't come and go, oh, we'll fill this void
This blackened hole
Till we become one again

I rest my head on your chest as I confess
My heart, it beats to every breath you bless
You speak to me though nothings really said
I slowly drown in your fluoresce
I could wait till the end of time
For the light to shine on you and I

As shallow it may sound
All my sympathy's not a lie, lalalai lalalai
Even in the loneliness
Things are never what they seem
Your hand I held so numb it felt to me
It hurts I've seen how distant you've become
Though you're right here, darlin'

Come color me in pure white snow, now let it show
Fragile is the web you weave, ah
The pain I feel, oh, stains on the cold and dirty streets
Forever never came to be

This gentle snow, ah, will come to face and realize
The more it hurts we try to thrive, ah
Come pouring rain, ah, and prove our faith to redefine
I need you here right by my side, ah

Come color me in pure white snow, now let it show
Right through your soul and through our lives, ah
Come cover me, ah, while I dream a dream that's true
Like crystal white, for me and you
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