In The Underworld

Blind Guardian

They'll burn in hell

Do you think
What you have done was clever?
I cannot say
But I know for sure
They're cursed
By the infinite thought

They're all the same
Made of one clay
Born to obey

Look, there he comes
Inflamed but unharmed
We're greed, we're gore
Eternal war
We praise the golden king
All will end
Where the Sun is silent
You're lost in the valley of sin

Precious, young, in bloom
Heed the call of doom

Meet yourself
Release your demons

I know this place
Been here before
And every word
That you may speak again
You've crossed the line
There's no return
And there's no way out

Of the underworld
Over there
We're all blind
In the underworld
Over there
Be the light
That guides me home

Fortuneteller speaks
The presence dressed in black
With a twisted sight
It's hard to say
What lies ahead

The future will be past
But all of your sins shall last

The path lies clearly
In front of you
Repent to get out
Now pass
Just conquer your inner fear
Walk on
Don't look back
A bridge appears

From my bones
It shall rise
Pure evil
Greed and gluttony
Envy and pride


I'll help thee
The foe escaped
You've walked this path before
But I fear you already come too late

The road goes on and on

Oh, my precious
Here comes trouble
Overwhelming vicious things
Drown in lethal
Purest evil

Find the sacred heart
But fear the evil star
When ages gone to dust
The innocent soul will be lost

Cross the border
There is no easy way
The path lies clearly
In front of you
Seven gates
And seven deadly sins
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