The Gathering

Blind Guardian

Imago dei
The meaning stays hollow and vague
Encrypted are these words of old
It is a play
An incensation for foolish dreamers
This age of not knowing is endless
Its reign is eternal

Thus, there is a way
There must be

Disgraceful suffering
That might be to their liking

I was promised truth
But our league is broken

Your passion for these
These earth creepers
It is beyond compare
They still insist on blaming me
Though it is him
Who stole the light

I believed in the power of the throne
Yes, we once were protectors
But that is long gone by
We are myth
Not more than a myth

Curse the world
For what we are
Is what we are
Our true nature is not of matter
Resistance shall be thine
Your wish
It shall be granted
This battle is not over, yet
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