War Feeds War

Blind Guardian

This phantom thought divides us
The fearsome warriors
A God so jealous
Obscures the great divine
This pain is endless
This world's insane
This war is fed by war
Since fate is in love with hate

The seventh sign reveals the end
When death aligns with Mars
My friend

There once was a time
We rode side by side
But now it's gone
War feeds warriors

Behold there's
A pale horse
The fourth appears

Meet old father death

Furthermore down
They'll drag me down
Furthermore down
I'll bring them down

And then for a moment
It seemed
They could survive

Seven seals, we're all blind

Will it ever be the same?
Will I touch this final flame?
Will I be on my own?
Or is there anyone
Who knows?
Is there knowledge?
How can I pass this gate?

Be aware and now awake
In oblivion

They all come crawling
The black swarm crawls in

From beyond
The ancient foe descends
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