Blind Guardian

Beyond the pale horizon
Far from this dark place
There lies our hope

Not yet awake
A saving grace
A sleeping giant

Death is near
All dressed in white
Show no fear
Redeem your prize

For our wrath
Shall come upon our foe
There's no flame
Without a spark
Yes, we're blessed indeed
By the newborn star
Oh, behold a newborn star
Oh, behold a newborn star

There is war at hand
For my last command
Stand brave
Stand tall
We must defend
I call to arms
This is my final stand

Let the earth move for a while
We're defying gravity

Now everybody
It's death or glory
Don't let them
Put a spell on you
Somehow, somehow
There's no one there
Cross the water
For they cannot cross the border
Free will we shall defend
For there's more to lose
This is what we are
The intruder is near
This is all we are
And we defy you

There is war at hand
Follow me
My valiant friends
Then side by side
We march again
This is the anthem of the lost
And damned

Don't know
Which way to go?
No one can say
No one knows
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